Poison Ivy Treatment

The best Poison Ivy treatment can be done by avoiding contact with the plant. Poison Ivy contains a compound called Urushiol. When human skin comes in contact with Poison Ivy, Urushiol oil gets spread on the skin and cause irritation, itching and a host of other rashes and blisters. Some people burn Poison Ivy plants wherever they see them. However, exposure to the fumes from the Poison Ivy ashes can cause serious internal injury.

Those who love to work in gardens must take preventive measures. They must wear long pants and full sleeve shirts. Gloves must be worn at all times. It is important for people who work among tress to be able to identify Poison Ivy plants and steer clear of them. After work, the clothes, shoes and all the other tools must be washed properly so that there is no chance of contamination of Urushiol oil contained in Poison Ivy plants.

If there is contact with Poison Ivy, rashes and blisters come up almost immediately. For effective Poison Ivy treatment, it is imperative that the rashes and blisters are treated within 10 minutes of exposure to Poison Ivy.

Blisters must be washed with alcohol and running water. Utmost care must be taken to ensure that they donít get punctured. Bacteria in the nails may cause infection and further worsen the situation.

For the rashes, the affected area must be carefully washed with alcohol. This must be followed by washing in running water. Soap shouldnít be used on the rashes because soap can help the Urushiol oil to spread to other parts of the body. To keep the rashes under control, it is important that they are not allowed to spread. After the washing is done, a full body bath must be taken to wash off any remaining Urushiol oil that can spread rapidly and cause havoc.

If Poison Ivy treatment is not done within 10 minutes of exposure, then there is no option but to go through the agony of infections, irritation and itching. However, to keep matters under control, washing and full body wash is still recommended.

Apart from using alcohol and water for Poison Ivy treatment, there are various over the counter drugs that are available for use. Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub, Zanfel and Ivy Cleanse Towelettes are effective drugs for Poison Ivy treatment. Some people also Calamine lotion to reduce the irritation and itching. Calamine lotion also helps dry the oozing rashes and blisters.

There are some extreme cases where the rashes and blisters spread to mouth and genital areas. There is fever accompanied by pus on the rashes and blisters that donít seem to improve in 3-4 days. In these cases, it is advisable that doctors are consulted and prescription medicines are used. Poison Ivy treatment is quite simple if used properly and within time. The more time one wastes the more he or she suffers. So, the moment there is contact with Poison Ivy, necessary Poison Ivy treatment must be undertaken. That is the best way to handle Poison Ivy cases.