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Poison ivy is a plant that is found throughout North America. Leaves, stems, roots and berries of these plants cause the skin rash. More than 50% of people are sensitive to the oil of the poison ivy.

The rash is very itchy and can have streaks or patches of redness and blisters on exposed body surfaces. The rash appears 1 or 2 days after you have been exposed to the plant. It is best to avoid poison ivy but if you accidentally get exposed to it, finding the cure is critical.

We create this website to those who have ever experienced the itching and painful rashes from contact of a poison ivy. We provide you information on how to identify, treat and prevent getting poison ivy rash in the future.

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Information about Poison Ivy and how to identify these plants before touching them

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Overview of commercial products available to treat the urushiol-induced rash.



Treatment ideas for dealing with an allergic reaction to poison ivy.